Our Advantage

Strong production capability Specialized technical services team
Introduce advanced production technology and equipment,We supply for goods in time, steady and quickly.
There is rich experience in aluminium heat sink line. By a team of university professors and industry experienced. R & D team as the company’s annual technical adviser theory and practical operation of experienced technical team .

Flexible production system

Product Category Multi
owned 10 cold forging equipment production line six high capacity production line depending on customer demand for production of the corresponding quantity of the corresponding quantity of products.
Many kinds of products, not a single, encompassing hardware products and LED Light fittings for the two categories of customer demand for industry products, hardware development, and manufacturing the corresponding radiator.

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Amazing International Co.,Ltd (Meizhi) is a professional and excellent manufacturer for copper and aluminum thermal conduction products .

The main product ranges are profiles heat sinks , cold forging heat sinks, the cooling modules  and many kinds of CNC processing copper and aluminum products as well .

We always insist the service tenet of “Meeting the customers’ demand, continuous innovation, reducing the heat ,decreasing the thermal resistance ,improving  the product quality .extending the life of product” for our customers . We constantly recognized by our clients in the industry of IT ,communication,lamp, industrial electronic and so on. High quality heat conduction accessories make our clients’ product saving more energy , more environmental protection, higher quality ,longer life.......>>>

Our Service

Product details communication - tolerance,machine work, surface treatment, quotations, etc.

Provide sample accurately and timely If sample will be 15-25 days.If bulk will be 25-30 days

Follow up the case of goods.Communicate with customers and provide solutions if need

Amazing International Co.,Ltd (Meizhi)
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